A little introduction.

So, I had planned on learning everything about this ‘blog’ site and having a super cool page to open with, but I’m apparently not awesome at finding my way around here yet..so here goes.

Hi! My name’s Heather! I’m a wife and a mother. My husband, Rob, is a Realtor here in Toronto and my son (For the purpose of this blog, we’ll nickname him ‘BK’), is a busy toddler who is almost 17 months old.

I’m a stay at home mom, which I absolutely love, although I’m soon going to be taking on another child part-time during the day for a little extra income. My husband became a realtor just over a year ago (he went back to school and changed careers when he found out we were expecting a baby), and things are starting to pick up business wise although, I’m sure as you can imagine, being in a commission based job requires a lot of budgeting and planning ahead! This was (..ok, still is) something I’m not great at. We’ve never been rich, but we’ve always had a reliable income so we at least knew approximately what to expect to come in each month! Well, not with this job.

So this is where the blog beings. This is our journey into a frugal lifestyle. I’m really excited, actually, about this new challenge in our lives! I didn’t think I would be, but I’m a creative person, and I’m enjoying trying to find new ways to save money but also life a full and fun lifestyle. I hope to document things here and share with you my ideas and discoveries, so please enjoy!



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