Curbside finds and free organizing!

Yesterday, on our way to the park (for the 2nd time that day- yay for great weather!) I spotted a bin someone put out on the curb, filled with wooden Melissa and Doug puzzles! Score! At first I just grabbed a puzzle board thing, where you move the animals around the maze to different locations, but then I went back and just took the whole thing! I figured I could sort through it at home and see what puzzles are missing pieces. So far, so good!

These are some of my favourites:

How cute are the 3D Animals?

The puzzle board has a bit of crayon on it, but nothing a little Magic Eraser won’t fix!

I had been hoping to add some more puzzles to BK’s collection, but that just wasn’t in the budget, so I had been praying to spot a good deal somewhere! And what’s better than free?? The Lord provides, even puzzles 🙂

And speaking of free, I made some cute labels for BK’s toy bins using supplies I already had on hand. I finally organized all his toys and sorted like with like, and I wanted to make sure we would all remember where things went. Since BK can’t read yet, I drew pictures as well as words.

First, I gathered up the toys I wanted to draw: some trucks, play food, animals, etc. These were the bins I wanted labelled.

Then, I took out my sketch book and measured out card sized rectangles and drew the images on each one.

Then, I covered the whole thing in packing tape as a way to ‘laminate’ the paper! This gives it a little extra strength against spills and a strong toddler.

After covering both sides carefully and making sure there were no air bubbles, I cut out each card.

Then, I poked holes in the card with a hole punch and tied them onto the appropriate basket using embroidery thread (I didn’t have string, and it’s thicker than thread- use what you have!)

I think they turned out super cute!  I think I have some blank recipe cards laying around, they’d be perfect for some flash cards!



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