Long weekending.

This long weekend has been awesome so far, I love it when we’re all home together. Yesterday, we all had a fun time in the park. BK is getting really good at running around on his own and going up and down the slide (And I’m getting really good at letting him). After the park, we took a little stroll over to Christie Pits and got ourselves some ice cream- 2 for 1, how frugal is that? 😉

BK is a huge fan of strawberry frozen yogurt! (I like Gold Metal Ribbon ice cream myself) 🙂

Today, Rob took BK to the park on is own for a little bro-time and that let me get some deep cleaning done around here. The deck still hadn’t been cleaned and organized from this winter, so I did that and re-planted some of my seedlings into bigger pots. I’m hoping to grow some veggies this summer. We don’t have a yard, but we do have a nice sized deck. So far, I have cucumber in a coffee tin growing nicely, cilantro, dill, basil, and parsley, and a nice lettuce bowl that Rob bought me for mother’s day. I’ve been loving all the fresh salads from it! If you snip the leaves off a few inches from the ground, apparently they keep growing back, which is great, because I loooove salads in the summer. At my mom’s house, I’ve planted my tomato plants and some more cucumber. (and I *think* I have some red peppers growing {tiny plants still} , but I can’t remember…sometimes, I just toss seeds into a pot and see if it’ll grow. Next time I’ll label things better :/)

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! (I totally missed the solar eclipse by the way…bummer)


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