Frugal Gardening

What can be more frugal than growing your own food? Gardening is something I’ve always been interested in, although I’m not great at it yet. Do you ever feel wasteful tossing out all those seeds that come in red peppers, or watermelon? I do. So this year, I thought I’d plant some. We don’t have a lot of space on our deck, but it gets a lot of sun, so this spring, I started some seeds in hopes that they’d be ready to go outside by May.

I found a cool tutorial on Pinterest to make my own paper pots! I recycled last years Flylady calendar (The paper isn’t glossy) and planted some seeds! Bk had fun helping scoop the dirt into the pots.

My only complaint about these, would be that they decompose rather quickly. Next time, I don’t think I’ll clump them so close together, because they started getting a bit moldy between the pots :/ So some plants didn’t make it, and the rest I transplanted into bigger, plastic pots I had.

Also, I learned that dill apparently likes being planted straight into a pot in the hot sun and forgotten about (oops) I tried growing it inside and watering it frequently, and they’d grow ok, but then they’d get so skinny and fall over and die. The dill I planted on the deck and totally forgot to water? Fantastic! (same goes for the cilantro, apparently)

Here’s what I have on my deck at the moment:


This is the mixed green ‘bowl’ I received from Rob for Mother’s Day. As you can see, we’ve been eating from it, and after just a couple of days, it’s already starting to grow back!


Red Pepper

^These I planted after everything else, directly  into a pot…so we’ll see if they get big enough in time to grow some peppers!


And …a carrot? I forget what this is, but I guess we’ll find out!

That’s all I have on my deck at the moment (well, and parsley that amazingly lasted through the winter!) On Mother’s Day weekend, BK helped me plant tomatoes, carrots, and cucumber in my mom’s backyard. I’m excited to visit and see how they’re growing!


I’ll keep you posted on how everything is growing, and lets hope we can eat some of this stuff! If all goes well this year, next year I’ll plan on an even bigger garden.




P.s. – Tip I learned about growing tomatoes. When you’re ready to transplant your baby tomato plants into a bigger pot, pinch off the bottom two ‘simple’ leaves and bury as much of the stem as possible, right up to the bottom of the ‘fancy’ leaves. They’ll apparently sprout roots higher up on the stem and will give the plant more strength so they don’t flop over as much.  Cool, huh?


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