More deliciousness

So the meatballs we had the other night were amazing! I said I’d update on that, sorry it took so long. It’s been a busy couple of days. I didn’t make them exactly like the recipe said because we were out of cheese, but they turned out delicious anyways! I also ran out of bread crumbs, but I made my own by toasting a couple of slices of bread and buzzing it in the magic bullet with some Italian Seasoning.

We’ve been having a lot of leftover spaghetti this week!


So, I recently came across The Clean Bin Project Blog, and I absolutely love it! It’s a blog written by 3 friends (I think it’s a couple and a friend who are all roommates) and they decide to have a challenge to produce NO garbage for a year! They do this by buying nothing but necessities and being responsible for their own garbage. They each have a garbage bin, and whoever had the least amount of garbage at the end of the year, wins. Their blog has really got me thinking about how much garbage we all produce. I’ve been noticing how much waste our house tosses out each week anyways, and this blog has made me much more aware. We haven’t quite taken the leap into NO garbage, but we’ve certainly been trying to cut down. All this to say, that this week when we went grocery shopping, I made an effort to try to purchase items with less packaging. (I didn’t go so far as to bring my own Tupperware for deli meats, but hey, one step at a time). So I skipped out on buying snack foods and decided I’ll make them instead. The Clean Bin Project Blog had some great recipes in their DIY section, so this week I made their Crackers and Granola Bars!

They’re both SO yummy! The crackers are like the fancy crackers you buy for, what? $7 a box? I bet they’d be amazing dipped in homemade hummus, but so far I’ve been eating them all plain. I like the ones that are a bit golden. The recipe makes a lot too and I froze half the dough and they STILL made a ton of crackers!

The granola bars are delicious as well, but I didn’t have corn syrup, so I used some real maple syrup and honey instead, but they don’t hold together perfectly well. That could also be because I probably didn’t bake them long enough because my pan wasn’t the right size and the top was getting dark, so I pulled them sooner than they should have been. But even falling apart, they taste amazing. Next time I’ll just try a different pan and see if I can get them a bit thinner so it bakes all the way through.

**EDIT- After some time in the fridge, the granola bars are nice and ready to eat. They’re still chewy but not falling apart! So let cool completely and then put them in the fridge! 🙂


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