Early this spring, I planted some dill (my third attempt) and it surprisingly took off! My intention was to use it for making my Oma’s pickle recipe, along with the cucumbers I planted (which have not taken off quite yet.). Anyways, last weekend, I noticed what I thought were tiny wasps chilling on my dill flowers, and upon further inspection, I realized they were little caterpillars. “OH NO…You’re not eating MY dill!”, I said. And I scooped them up and put them in our super cool bug container. (I figured BK would enjoy looking at them for a bit.)

Well, I looked them up on google and found out they turn into really pretty butterflies, so I decided it would be fun to keep them and raise them. (When BK is a little older, we’ll try this again and turn it into a little science lesson.)

So, the funny thing is, now I’ve fed them all my dill. (The very hungry caterpillars indeed!) These things eat A LOT!

It’s been fun learning about them and watching them change! They shed their skin (and face- ew.) so they can grow even bigger. I’m surprised at how big they’ve gotten in such a short time.

Pretty neat shot of this one shedding his skin and mask.

BK really liked watching the ‘buggies’ crawl around.

They started looking a little cramped in there, so I went to the dollar store and picked up 3 more homes (there’s 4 caterpillars in total)

I put a nice thick stick in each one, as well as some more dill, and they were all quite happy, I think, to have their own homes.

I’m glad I moved them when I did, because the next day, they started their chrysalis stage.

See him hanging from tiiiny ‘threads’? He did that for about a day, and then I checked on him in the morning, and twenty minutes later, he turned into the picture below!

And then about an hour later, he was fully covered and camouflaged into the stick.

Right now, all four of them are snugly in their cocoon. Once I knew they were all secure in there, I very carefully cleaned out the remaining dill and caterpillar droppings, so they’ll have a nice clean home to wake up to.

I’ll post any changes! They take about a week or so to fully transform! I can’t wait 🙂



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