Summer fun on a budget!

Toronto can get pretty expensive, and being on a budget can often feel like there’s not a lot of things you can go out and enjoy. Resteraunts, movies, clubs, concerts…it all adds up. Not to mention family friendly events- I find things for kids are often crazy expensive.

That’s why I LOVE searching What’s on Toronto. Each week, it offers an excellent list of events happening  in Toronto. The great thing is, a lot of them are free (or very inexpensive) and some events are things you’d never know were happening if you didn’t just look for them.

For example, this Easter, a church near by us was having a little easter egg hunt along St. Clair between Bathurst and Christie. It was free, so we decided to walk up and check it out. It was pretty small and simple, but they had an easter bunny greeting the kids and taking pictures, some crafts, and each kid got a little prize. BK got some bubbles, which was the best thing ever to a toddler. 🙂

Here’s a great article that lists a bunch of free (or very frugal) things to do this summer:–free-or-cheap-things-to-do-in-toronto-this-summer

I’ll usually check out What’s on Toronto if I know Rob has the weekend off, so we can go and do something fun and inexpensive (or free!) as a family. It creates such great memories and it’s a nice change from the usual park trip (although, those are great too.) We’ll either head out in the mornings, or we’ll pack a lunch and stay all afternoon!

This weekend, I think we’ll check out the Big on Bloor festival! What are your weekend plans?


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